What is it?

This treatment applies pliable silicone cups to the area(s) to be treated and creates a vacuum by drawing the skin and underlying tissue into the silicone cup. Several different cups of various sizes will be applied to target areas and will either remain stationary or be moved gently over the skin. The combination of massage movement and negative pressure rather than compression allows for an easier and deeper release of rigid connective tissue and soft tissue while releasing stagnation and toxins and increasing circulation.

What are the benefits?

The suction of the cup releases soft tissue from underlying structures addressing areas of adhesion and restriction more readily than tissue compression. Synovial fluid secretion is activated which reduces joint stiffness as well as stimulation of the circulatory system which flushes toxins, resupplies vital nutrients to tissue and promotes better metabolic functioning. A deep and long-lasting relaxation may result from the treatment as well. Each person will respond differently to treatment so it is important to be aware of your physical state of being and state of mind and communicate with your massage therapist before during and after treatment.

Contraindications for cupping

Cupping should be avoided in cases of severe disease such as cardiac failure, renal failure, edema, hemorrhagic diseases, dermatosis and allergic dermatitis. Cupping should not be applied to an area where hernia exist or has in the past. We do not offer massage cupping during pregnancy.

We ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your appointment for first  time cupping treatments.