Antibiotics (topical and internal),  Retinoic Acids such as Retin-A or Renova and Glycolic acid products, should be completed/discontinued use at least 1 week prior to having a facial with a peel.  Discontinue Accutane  6 months before facial peel treatments.


Relaxing and revitalizing treatment effectively exfoliates the damaged surface layer of skin with powerful, personalized to your needs, papaya and pineapple enzymes to reveal fresh, glowing skin. Addresses fine lines, loss of elasticity, congestion, discoloration and brings your skin to homeostasis. Designed for all skin types.

1 hour $105


Alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate and stimulate cellular turnover to smooth skin’s texture thereby allowing it to reflect more light and giving the skin a more youthful appearance. Addresses specific skin concerns such as fine lines, sun damage, blemishes or dehydration. Designed for normal, combination or dehydrated skin.

1 hour $105 *Pro tip* add 15 min combo LED +$20

Hydrating (Manuka Honey)

Promote a health skin micro-biome with soothing and calming Manuka Honey, hydration boosting Hyaluronic Acid, strengthening probiotics and Royal Jelly Peptides to stimulate cellular turnover and reinforce the skin barrier to protect against environmental pollution and reduce inflammation. For normal, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

1 hour 10 min $128 *Pro tip* add 15 min Anti-aging LED +$20


Pear enzymes and lactic acid break down the bonds of keratinized cells on the skin’s surface allowing for fig pectins to restore hydration, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to nourish skin for a plumper, smoother appearance. Designed for mature or dehydrated skin types.

1 hour $118


Deeply exfoliating glycolic acid and fruit enzymes slough away damaged skin cells to smooth skin’s texture while lactic and Kojic acids brighten skin tone. A potent antioxidant cocktail featuring Resveratrol, Green Tea and Vitamin E among others, regenerates and protects skin from environmental stressors and free radicals. For normal, combination, dry or hyper-pigmented skin.

1 hour 10 min. $125


Deeply regenerate skin with an organic fruit enzyme exfoliation and amino acids to stimulate collagen and elastin production. A firming and lifting mask reduces pore congestion, brightens with Vitamin C and protects with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic acid. For devitalized, dehydrated and normal skin.

1 hour 15 min $135 *Pro tip* add 15 min Anti-aging or combo LED +$20


Promote your skin’s natural ability to renew and revitalize itself with a regenerative fruit enzyme peel and a pore refining mask. Vitamin B-3 nourishes and boosts collagen production while pure oxygen delivers antioxidants into the skin and speeds cellular repair. Addresses all skin concerns from fine lines, dehydration, congestion, hyper-pigmentation and blemishes. For all skin types.

1 hour 30 min. $145


A powerhouse peel containing fruit enzymes, pumpkin enzyme and high strength lactic acid effectively decongests, resurfaces and nourishes the skin leaving it visibly smoother and brighter. Addresses blemishes, congested pores and dullness. Designed for all skin types except sensitive skin.

1 hour $110


Enjoy a deep cleanse and gentle scrub exfoliation of cranberry, blueberry and raspberry fruit extracts mixed with antioxidants and volcanic minerals. Decongests pores and leaves skin smoother and more refined.

50 min. $85


Powerful acne fighting treatment uses Salicylic acid, Sulphur compounds, bentonite and kaolin clays to control bacteria, reduce inflammation and exfoliate skin and clear blocked follicles. Designed for problem skin types.

50 min $90 *Pro tip* add anti-acne LED +$20


Aimed at soothing sensitive or reactive skin, this treatment includes a gentle enzyme exfoliation,  oat, Amaranth extract and Hyaluronic Acid to calm and hydrate followed by a probiotic culture of Kombucha sheet mask to nourish the skin micro-biome, optimize pH levels and fortify the skin’s lipid barrier for a smooth, even appearance. For sensitive skin types.

1 Hour $105


Specifically designed for youthful skin problems, this facial deep cleans pores and calms irritation.  Tips for maintaining clear skin are discussed. Parent or guardian signature is required for guests under 18 years of age. If skin is experiencing an unusual amount of breakouts and congestion we suggest choosing the Purifying or Clarifying Facial.

30 min. $45

Facial Add-ons

Eye treatment:
Hydrogel mask containing essential fatty acids and Hyaluronic acid protect and hydrate the delicate eye area.
Lip treatment: Organic sugar lip scrub and nourishing lip mask packed with Sea Buckthorn, Vitamin E and Jojoba smooth and hydrate lips. $25
Brow shaping $17
Lip wax   $10
Oxygen vitamin infusion $15
Hand Treatment $30
Neck & décolleté treatment $40
LED treatment $20

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